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What would you do if there was a power cut at home?

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We would like people to think about and plan for the possibility of power cuts this winter.

Nationally, there’s no suggestion that it’s likely, but the unpredictable winter weather, and experience here and in other countries following severe storms for example, suggests now’s a good time for people to think about the electricity they rely on should for any reason an emergency situation leads to a power cut.

Loss of power used to be a more frequent occurrences but these days, as technology has moved on, the impact of a power cut can be even greater on our daily lives, disrupting our ability to keep warm; stay connected with others should we need help; and to power essential medical equipment that helps many people live independently at home.

We recommend that people take steps to prepare for a power cut and know how to deal with it if it happens.


  • Follow your energy provider on social media so you can find local updates
  • Have a list of phone numbers you might need written down
  • Keep a mobile phone fully charged so you can call or go online for updates
  • Keep a torch handy and leave a light on so you know when power is restored
  • Switch off electrical appliances that shouldn’t be left unattended


  • Join your provider’s free Priority Services Register if you have additional needs
  • Check to see if your neighbours are safe and if they have a power cut too
  • Make sure you have warm clothes and blankets, especially at night
  • Ensure you have food and drink that doesn’t need power to prepare


  • Let friends and family know how they can also make a plan