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Wellbeing support offered through Devon’s recovery programme

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Businesses in Devon are now able to access free wellbeing support through a new initiative launched by Devon County Council.

Wellbeing Works is offering support until March 2023, backed with £100,000 from Devon County Council’s £6 million recovery programme. The initiative is being delivered on behalf of Devon County Council by independent charity Devon Communities Together.

Wellbeing Works builds upon the Listening Ear pilot project last year which provided business owners with the opportunity to chat informally to an experienced volunteer about whatever was making them feel stressed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Wellbeing Works not only supports businesses but expands its reach to provide support to individuals who are currently in employment, seeking employment, or are entering into the job market. The project is aimed at Devon based small to medium enterprises, employees or individuals over 18 and provides free access to one-to-one wellbeing checks and wellbeing workshops.

Councillor Rufus Gilbert, Cabinet Member for Economic Recovery and Skills, said:

“The last couple of years of the pandemic have been tough on everyone, and businesses and their staff have had to contend with the most severe impact on economic conditions for generations. This initiative is a good opportunity for Devon based businesses, employees and individuals to benefit from the tools, techniques and inspiration we need to prioritise and develop our wellbeing and resilience during the pandemic recovery period. Looking after your wellbeing is vitally important and if we look after ourselves and each other we can benefit personally and professionally.”

A series of wide-ranging events will be delivered throughout the project, with support being provided through webinars, workshops and online resources that will cover the following:

For businesses

  • Taking care of yourself workshops;
  • Taking care of your staff;
  • Focussed events for specific sectors and geographical areas.

For individuals

  • Returning to work after furlough; techniques to support individuals to work through feelings of anxiety;
  • How to cope with redundancy to support individuals to work through feelings of anxiety about losing their job;
  • Recently unemployed: how to stay positive and motivated;
  • Long term unemployed since April 2020;
  • Dealing with isolation;
  • New to the job market support for young people not in further education who feel overwhelmed entering into the workforce.

Support through Wellbeing Works will cover the “Five ways to wellbeing” – Be active with regular physical activity, Connect with family, friends and neighbours, Give through acts of kindness, Keep learning to boost self-esteem and confidence, and Take notice of your surroundings.

Devon County Council’s £6million recovery programme aims to provide help and support in four key areas during the recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic: small and medium enterprises, employment and skills, the green recovery, and the hardest hit towns and communities.

For more information and to register visit the Wellbeing Works webpage.