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Speed limit reduction given green light

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A recommendation to reduce the speed limit on a section of the A3052 near the Cat and Fiddle in East Devon has been approved by our Cabinet.

At last Wednesday’s meeting the go ahead was given to lower the speed limit from 50mph to 40mph, subject to funding being available.

Our Cabinet also approved the design and advertisment of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), a necessary legal step in the process.

It follows a site visit attended by some of our highways officers, Councillor Stuart Hughes, our Cabinet Member for Highways Management, and our two local county councillors for Broadclyst Sara Randall-Johnson and Henry Gent.

The site visit was prompted by community concerns and any new scheme will also include new 40mph signs or ‘roundels’ as well as road markings or ‘gateway treatment’ and a refreshed community nameplate.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways Management, said: ”

“By and large drivers do comply with the existing speed limit, so it is also likely drivers would also comply with a new lower 40mph limit.

“Police have said to ensure the success of any new limit, enforcement has to be supported with a gateway treatment and support from the community is vital.”

Councillor Sara Randall-Johnson, the local county councillor mfor Broadclyst, said:

“These proposals are an important safety measure along a stretch of road that has caused concern for some time. That’s why the community will have a hand in making this work through their existing Community Speed Watch Group.”

Councillor Henry Gent , the local county councillor for Broadclyst, said:

“We’ve been told by police that enforcement alone won’t ensure that drivers keep within the new speed limit and, if needed, there is the potential of introducing a community funded Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS).”

The decision of Cabinet will be reported back to the East Devon HATOC committee . The next step will be the design and advertising of the TRO.

The delivery of the scheme is dependant on funding becoming available.