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Leader welcomes news that Rishi Sunak is to become new Prime Minister

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Rishi Sunak will become the UK’s prime minister, succeeding Liz Truss. He is expected to take office in the next few days.

Commenting this afternoon, (Monday 24 October), Councillor John Hart, the Leader of Devon County Council said:

“I warmly welcome Rishi Sunak as our new Prime Minister.

“I supported him in the original ballot as the Chancellor who negotiated our way through the Covid crisis with support for families and businesses and then introduced measures to help people at the start of the energy crisis.

“I believe he has a clear grasp of the way that national and international markets affect our lives and how that must influence Government decisions.

“I trust he will lead the country as a One Nation Prime Minster in a quiet, competent and effective way and appoint the best candidates to hold Ministerial office. And I look forward to working with the new administration that he will be assembling over the next few days.

“I know he values our vital public services and the role that local government has in looking after vulnerable people and helping to drive economic growth and appreciates this has to be properly funded.

“A Rishi Sunak-led Government can restore the reputation of our country and inspire confidence for the future.”