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“If you care about people….then social work is for you”

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Five days, five social workers. This week we’ve been celebrating Social Work Week, the one week of the year that we stop to acknowledge the amazing difference that social workers in Devon are making every day in supporting people with their lives.

We’ve heard from Florina, Rosie, Claire, Jade and Jo, all of whom have expressed their absolute enthusiasm for being able to get to know the people they support well, and helping them.

Asked what’s the best thing about being a social worker, our social workers are unanimous.

“It’s seeing how we make a difference to people’s lives – not just the individual, but their families as well and their carers,” Jade.

“It’s that time when you come away and think, ‘Yes, we did it. We really, really made that difference for them’,” Claire.

“It’s working alongside people and finding out lots of different things about the unique individuals who we support,” Florina.

“It’s the fact that people are allowing us into their lives and giving us trust to be able to offer them support,” Rosie.

“It’s building relationships with people. Gaining a rapport and enabling people to trust you and share some of their vulnerabilities with you.” Jo

Would they recommend being a Social Worker. You bet they would!

“Just do it! It’s so rewarding! It’ll be one the best jobs you could have done,” Jade.

“Absolutely, 100 per cent! Go for it!” Claire.

“If you care about people and building relationships and want a rewarding career, then social work is for you,” Florina.

“It’s so emotionally rewarding! It’s a great opportunity for everyone,” Rosie.

“I love the job that I do! Every day it’s different. No two days are the same. It helps you feel good knowing that you’re doing something to bring about positive change in people’s lives.” Jo.

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