This informal strategy aims to help leaders of organisations, local planning authorities, developers and others to achieve consistent and joined-up thinking on green infrastructure across administrative boundaries so that together we can:

  • communicate effectively on green infrastructure, sharing a common understanding of green infrastructure throughout and beyond the county, including the use of common definitions and standards to raise awareness of how green infrastructure can improve health, quality of life, economy and resilience to climate change
  • enable interested local groups and partnerships to take account of strategic needs and the bigger picture, through the consideration of the guiding principles and priorities for action in this strategy
  • support a co-ordinated approach to the delivery of green infrastructure at different levels, be these sub-regional, district and neighbourhood.

This strategy is a key document supporting the Devon Local Nature Partnership’s aims, particularly its Green Connections theme to:

“promote a better planned, co-ordinated and consistent approach to the provision and management of green infrastructure across Devon, with a particular focus on the areas with most growth.”

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