Educational register of geological sites in Devon

A guide to geological fieldwork in Devon

This register has been compiled by Devon County Council in partnership with Natural England, the Devon RIGS Group and with funding support from The Curry Fund of the Geologists’ Association.

Partner logos show the Geologists Association Curry Fund, Devon RIGS group, Natural England and Devon County Council

The Educational Register of Geological Sites is designed to encourage the educational use of Devon’s fascinating and diverse geological and geomorphological heritage.

The register includes a mix of text, sketches, maps and photographs of approximately 90 geological sites throughout Devon which are considered suitable for educational use. The register can be used in the planning of fieldwork trips, provide a stimulating way to teach and learn about the evolution of Devon’s landscape through geography, geology and science in the National Curriculum.

This information also is useful for people with a keen interest in geology.

Marsland to Clovelly Coast showing the beach and cliffs in dark greys
Marsland to Clovelly Coast
Caves at Kents Cavern showing stalactites and stalagmites
Caves at Kents Cavern
Tall Berry Cliff west of Branscombe showing bare cliff face and areas of lush greenery
Berry Cliff west of Branscombe
Ladram Bay red cliffs and stacks rising from the sea
Ladram Bay