Nuffield Foundation: Research Grants

The Nuffield Foundation provides funding for research and analysis that has the capacity to make a difference to people’s lives by influencing policy and practice.

The Research, Development and Analysis Fund is for projects to inform the design and operation of social policy and practice across three core domains of:

Education: with a particular focus on: skills and capabilities; teaching quality; young people’s pathways; and educational disadvantage

Welfare: for projects that have a clear and direct focus on improving economic and social policy, practice and well-being including the balance between family and work; the effects of economic policies and systems; transition to net-zero economy; and improving quality of life for older people

Justice: particularly regarding issues of law and justice that have the most significant effect on the lives, opportunities, and social well-being of vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

Examples of specific topics of interest to the Foundation are: early childhood; skills and employment; the cost of living; geographical inequalities; quality of life in later life; the quality of, and access to, public services; and the long-term implications of Covid

Applications must be based around impartial, objective and rigorous research. The following types of research can be funded:

  • Research reviews, synthesis and translation
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Intervention development and early evaluation
  • Developmental projects

UK organisations can apply: projects must be led by a named Principal Investigator (PI), who is the lead applicant.

Applications for research, development and analysis grants are usually between £10,000 and £750,000. Most grants are below £300,000.

There are deadlines in March and September each year for the submission of outline applications.

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Grants for research, development and analysis that can make a difference to people’s lives by influencing policy and practice

Application deadline:

The next deadline is 13 March 2023.

Fund description: