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Fund title: Loans for Enlightened Agriculture Programme (LEAP)

Focus of fund/fund aims:

A loan, grant and mentoring package for community-based food and farming businesses with an ethical and sustainable ethos

Application deadline:

Four funding rounds a year. Refer to website for dates.

Fund description:

The Loans for Enlightened Agriculture Programme (LEAP) offers a mix of affordable loans and grants to farming and food enterprises along with a comprehensive mentoring programme. LEAP has been set up by the Funding Enlightened Agriculture (FEA) network which supports projects that have the potential to increase agricultural output, adopt sustainable farming methods, create local supply chains, increase employment and engagement, revive local economies and bring other social benefits.

LEAP supports cooperatives, social enterprises and community businesses that are at an early stage of development but have already built up their local community of support. It is for food and farming enterprises such as community bakeries, box schemes, growers and producers, retailers, markets and Community Supported Agriculture schemes.

Loans can be for amounts between £25,000 and £100,000 and can be used for capital or revenue. Alongside the loan, the programme provides a grant at 18% of the loan amount and a tailored and structured mentoring package.

Further information: