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Fund title: Fisheries and Seafood Scheme

Focus of fund/fund aims:

The Fisheries and Seafood Scheme will provide £6.1 million over the next 12 months to support England’s seafood sector, coastal communities and marine environment

Application deadline:

The scheme is open for one year. There will be separate funding rounds for some parts of the scheme.

Fund description:

The Fisheries and Seafood Scheme will provide financial support for projects in England that secure sustainable growth across the catching, processing and aquaculture sectors, and that protect and enhance the marine environment.

You can apply for funding if you are:

  • an individual or business engaged within commercial/recreational sea fishing, aquaculture or processing
  • a public body/local authority in a local community that has a focus on fishing/aquaculture activities
  • a university or research institute
  • a new entrant to the industry or unemployed individual that could benefit from knowledge/skills in fishing/aquaculture activities.

The amount of money you can apply for will depend on your business or organisation type.

The following activities can be funded:

  • Fishing-related activities
  • Improving energy efficiency on vessels
  • Aquaculture-related activities
  • Partnerships, training, advice
  • Shore-based facilities
  • Health and Safety
  • Marketing
  • Processing
  • Preventing and collecting marine litter

There are separate guidance notes for each activity where you can find more information about how much funding you can apply for.

Further information: