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Fund title: Albert Hunt Trust

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Small grants for registered charities supporting people with health needs and disabilities, and other social issues

Application deadline:


Fund description:

The Albert Hunt Trust makes a large number of small grants for projects and activities carried out by registered charities in England. The grants issued in 2016 fell into three categories:

  • Health and wellbeing (most grants for £1,000)
  • Homelessness (most grants for £2,000 or £3,000)
  • Hospices (most grants for £3,000)

The grants can be used towards revenue and capital costs.

Applications should be made in writing, setting out the following information:

  • Aims and objectives of the charity
  • Registered charity number
  • Nature of the appeal
  • Total target if for a specific project
  • Contributions received against target
  • Any other relevant factors

Letters should be addressed to:

The Albert Hunt Trust
c/o Director, Tax Trust & Estate Planning
Coutts & Co
Trustee Department
440 Strand
London WC2R OQS

Appeals are considered by the trustees on a monthly basis

Further information: