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How are we performing?

Community Performance

As part of exploring a new approach to performance and how information is shared and presented to different audiences, we have developed a tool to help view performance at a community level.

A set of measures has been developed, around the four of the Better Together themes – Prosperous, Healthy, Connected and Safe. Taken together these give an indication of the area's Resilience - the fifth Better Together theme. These measures have been selected based on their appropriateness, usefulness and availability at a community / Devon Town level. It should be noted that this set of measures could change over time.

The tool provides :

a) A spider chart - which allows multiple datasets to be displayed in a way which helps identify the commonalities and outliers amongst the data and also provides a visual comparison between communities.

b) A spine chart - includes the actual data values or range and comparison to both a Devon and national average where available. It shows at a glance where the value for each measure falls in terms of the other Devon Towns.

c) A how to read guide - information about how to interpret the charts

d) Data selection tool - which allows you to choose which datasets will be displayed on the charts giving the option of focussing on a particular theme.

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