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Children in care

It is our duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

The Children Act 1989 places duties on the courts and local authorities to make sure that every effort is made to keep families together by providing support to children at home.

A child who has to live away from home and be cared for by our services is known as a child in care. There are nearly 820 children in care in Devon.

Education of children in care

Devon Virtual School

The Virtual School is not a real school with buildings and classrooms – but it works as any school does to provide support and interventions to help each child in care to achieve their best and thrive on their educational journey.

Care leavers

Take a look at our advice about the education and training options available to you when you leave school or college.

This includes information about the Step Forward employability programme specifically for care leavers and aimed at helping you to start thinking about taking that step towards your future career and dream job

Stand Up Speak Up (SUSU)

If you are in care or a care leaver you can go to Stand Up Speak Up website to find out about Devon’s Children in Care Council and how you can have a say on issues that affect you. There is also lots of useful information and advice as well some games for you to play.

Mind Of My Own

Are you in care or do you have a social worker? The free Mind Of My Own app is an easy way for you to tell your worker, or another adult that is working with you, what you’re thinking and get things off your chest. You can use it before a meeting, to ask for a change or to get a problem sorted. Many young people across the country have found it really helpful to get their views heard. You can talk to your worker or carer for support with downloading the app if you like.

Mission statement

The mission statement for Children’s Services was written by our children in care.

“Working to improve the safety and wellbeing of children and young people who are in care or leaving care across Devon by

  • providing support if it is needed
  • sticking to the promises made to children young people in Our Pledge
  • fulfilling children and young peoples’ mental, physical, social and emotional needs”

Corporate Parenting Strategy

Our Corporate Parenting Strategy 2022-24 sets our ambition and commitment to see care-experienced children and young people to flourish and thrive in Devon.

Regular Savings policy

As part of our Corporate Parenting Strategy, we’re introducing a Regular Savings policy for young people in care aged under 18. Devon County Council will now be setting aside £5 per week for anyone who has been in our care for 12 months or more. More information on this policy is available below: