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School term dates

The spring term ends on Friday 5 April 2019 *


*Please note that these dates are those recommended by the Local Authority. Each school is responsible for nominating its own non-pupil dates and occasional holidays. Some schools can set their own terms and non-pupil dates within the academic year.

Autumn term Starts: Monday 3 September 2018
Half term: Monday 22 October to Friday 26 October 2018
Ends: Friday 21 December 2018
Christmas holiday Monday 24 December 2018 to Friday 4 January 2019
Spring term Starts: Monday 7 January 2019
Half term: Monday 18 February to Friday 22 February 2019
Ends: Friday 5 April 2019
Easter holiday Monday 8 April to Monday 22 April 2019
Summer term Starts: Tuesday 23 April
Half term: 
Monday 27 May – Friday 31 May 2019
Ends: Thursday 25 July 2019
Autumn term Starts: Monday 2 September 2019
Half term: Monday 21 October to Friday 25 October 2019
Ends: Friday 20 December 2019
Christmas holiday Monday 23 December to Friday 3 Janury 2020
Spring term Starts: Monday 6 January 2020
Half term: Monday 17 February to Friday 21 February 2020
Ends: Friday 27 March 2020
Easter holiday Monday 30 March to Monday 13 April 2020
Summer term Starts: 14 April 2020
Half term: Monday 25 May – Friday 29 May 2020
Ends: Thursday 23 July 2020
Setting school term dates

Local authorities have a duty to determine the school term dates for community and voluntary-controlled schools in their area and recommends these dates for adoption by Governors of Foundation, Voluntary Aided, Trust maintained, Academies and Free Schools. It is hoped that for consistency across Devon that all schools will adopt the recommended term dates. In previous years Devon’s calendar has been based upon the Local Government Association’s standard school year recommendation, but they no longer perform this role.

The school year in Devon is split into the three terms of: autumn, spring and summer. Each term has two half-terms. During the school year, all schools are invited to nominate days when they will close for staff training – these are called non-pupil days or inset days – and for two occasional school holidays.

Term dates are set after consultation with all Devon maintained schools and representatives from union associations to establish 197 school days (including 2 occasional days and 5 staff training days). Devon’s calender has been created based upon previous years calendars and through discussion with neighbouring authorities to ensure consistency across the South West (where possible). Academies and free schools are not required to provide education for 190 days but the Local authority encourages them to do so.

Non-pupil dates and opening times

All maintained schools are required to open for 197, days of which pupils should attend for 190 days during each academic year. Schools are allowed to set two days of occasional holiday and five staff training days. It is recommended that schools set their occasional days so as to avoid split week holidays, wherever they fall, however, this is the responsibility of school governors not the Local Authority.

Schools are asked to indicate their non-pupil dates to the County Council and opening times after the core dates have been confirmed and published on our website.

Contact for further enquiries.

Teacher training and non-pupil days

Each school is responsible for nominating its own non-pupil dates and occasional holidays within these terms. Some schools can set their own terms and non-pupil dates within the academic year. This leaves a range of dates for each school when children are required to attend. You can use the following link to see those dates as well as the start and finish times for the school.

Each school has a series of “From” and “To” dates. For example 6 Jan to 13 Feb. This means that children are expected to attend on every weekday starting on Tuesday 6 January 2015 up to and including Friday 13 February 2015. These dates are subject to change and you should check with the school before making any holiday plans.