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School admissions

Ukraine: Please read our information about in-year school admissions if you would like to apply for a school place in Devon. More support for Ukrainian refugees can be found on our Supporting Ukraine website.

If you live in Devon, you can apply here for a place in a mainstream state primary or secondary school.

If your child lives in another local authority area – including Plymouth City Council or Torbay Council – contact them for information about how to apply.

Your child must be in full-time education at the beginning of the term following his or her fifth birthday. This would be at a school unless you decide to educate at home, in which case you should contact us on 0345 155 1019 for further advice. Find out more about why you should apply for a school place.

If it is a nursery or pre-school place you require, please see our information at Admissions to nursery places and foundation stage units in schools.

  • Normal round admissions – when children start at a school at the earliest possible time for that school or (for schools which provide education all-through from reception to year 11) who transfer at the start of year 7.
  • In-year admissions – when children start at a school at any time other than the normal round. An example would be if you are moving house and would like your child to change schools.

Apply for a primary place

Apply for your child to start in reception year at primary or infant school or in year 3 at junior school

Apply for a secondary place

Apply for your child to start in year 7 at secondary school, year 10 at a studio school or UTC or a middle or high school

Apply for an in-year place

Apply for an in-year admission to move your child to a different school

School designated (catchment) areas

Information on school designated (catchment) areas in Devon

Arrangements and policies

A consultation on admission arrangements is held between November and January each year.

School admission appeals

How to appeal if you are unhappy with the school place you’ve been offered

Applications from overseas

Information about what you need to do if you are bringing a child into the country

New schools and school closures

Get the latest information about new schools and school closures in Devon