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Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme

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The Department for Education (DfE) funded Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programme aims to support children to eat more healthily, be more active over the school holidays and have a greater knowledge of health and nutrition as well as be more engaged with school and other local services.

To help you find the guidance that you need, we’ve created the information pages set out below.

Please note that the HAF programme covers four days at Easter, 16 days in the summer and four days at Christmas – it does not run in half term holidays.


What is the HAF programme?

Why the programme has been created and what it aims to do

Information for parents and carers

Find out if your child is eligible and how you can book a place

Information for professionals

How to help the children you’re working with access the programme

Information for providers

What activities are eligible for funding and how you can get involved

What we have achieved

Stats, case studies and examples of what’s happened so far