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Choosing childcare


If you’re signing your contract should include:

  • the retainer fee or deposit to secure your child’s place
  • the amount you pay and what it covers
  • the hours and days your child will attend
  • what you pay if your child or the carer is sick.

If you’re hiring a childcarer your contract should include:

  • a job description and hours of work
  • salary and agreed method of payment
  • length of employment and notice period
  • details of sick and holiday pay, and expenses
  • any personal additions such as limiting TV watching or no sugary treats.

If you’re worried about any aspect of child safety or child protection you should raise your concerns with the childcare provider. If you’re still concerned you should then contact Ofsted, who will investigate, on 0300 123 4666 or visit

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This page was last modified: 30th May 2017