In 2017 Devon started work on the design and construction of Exeter’s E4 cycle route, a 5km route connecting Redhayes Bridge (Monkerton) to the University’s Streatham Campus (City Centre). The design of this route is ambitious and provides a step change in the quality of walking and cycling infrastructure across the city. The route will segregate pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic where possible. When complete, route will link residents in the East of Exeter with Exeter parks, leisure centres, schools, supermarkets, Exeter Arena, Exeter University and the city centre.

The work has already begun and the first 3.2km of this route will be completed by March 2020.

The E4 route has been divided up in four phases. More information about each of these phases, including details of the proposals, construction plans and traffic management is available on this website.

In July 2018, Phase 1 of the E4 cycle route was completed along Cumberland Way and Pinhoe Road. This section provides a high-quality bi-directional cycle track segregated from vehicles and pedestrians.

Phase 2a included path widening improvements along Exhibition Fields and Bettysmead Playing Fields which have been completed in June 2019. This section provides improved shared walking and cycling facilities.

Phase 2b connects Pilton Lane on Pinhoe Road to the railway bridge on the northern end of Exhibition Way. The work includes widened shared facilities, and segregated paths. Work on this section is scheduled to start in September/October 2019.

Phase 3, is the pedestrian and cycle bridge across Summer Lane, connecting Exhibition Fields with Bettysmead Playing fields. Work is scheduled to start in autumn 2019.

Phase 4 is the last remaining section to connect Bettysmead Playing Fields to the Prince Of Wales Road. Preliminary options are being developed for this section of the route.

E4 Cycle Route: Overview plan

Overview plan showing the phases of the improvements to the E4 cycle route in Exeter.