Education Transport

It is important before choosing a school or college that you are aware whether Devon County Council will provide transport. All children and students travelling must agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. Please see A Guide to Education Transport in Devon

The majority of pupils make their own way to school or college. However, Devon is a large rural County and many pupils live too far from their school or college to be able to walk or cycle.

Assistance with transport from Devon County Council is limited, although we transport around 18,000 pupils each day, and spend approximately £21 million each year on providing assistance with education transport. More information can be found via the links below:


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School Transport Eligibility Queries
If you wish to make an enquiry regarding entitlement to free or assisted school transport please phone 0345 155 1019.

School Transport Service Queries
If you have a comment or concern about the operation of your transport provided (ie the vehicle, the driver or time keeping) please email schooltransportservice

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