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    (Please note this is offered to those who are Permanent Devon County Council Employees working within Childrens Social Care). This is in conjunction with the Open University. Once a year we are able to offer a limited number of opportunities for DCC staff for the Traineeship Scheme to help our Employees gain a Social Work qualification. Please note that the scheme is reviewed every year and some of the requirements may change. The council’s position regarding bursaries or study leave will be reviewed as well. How to Apply.


    Step Up programme
    The Government is working hard to make this a country that works for everyone, and social work is at the heart of this fairer society. This includes making social work a career that many more people will aspire to and have the opportunity to join. Graduates across the country are being encouraged to apply to Step Up to Social Work, a fast-track programme to become the next generation of child and family social workers. Devon County Council’s Children’s Academy has supported six places in the most recent cohort, and these students have now completed their training successfully. They are now holders of a Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Work and are about to commence their ASYE program.
    The next cohort is due to start in January 2020 and the applications are open now until 18th March 2019. This is a 14 month programme that combines real-world experience in a local authority social work team with high-quality university training. Successful candidates will be awarded a post-graduate diploma in social work when they graduate, allowing them to register and practice as a social worker.
    Candidates are eligible to apply if they have a 2:1 degree, or a 2:2 plus a higher degree, which can include a master’s degree or a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, in a discipline other than social work. They should also have the equivalent of a GCSE Grade C in maths and English, and experience of working with children, young people or families. How to Apply

  • The Academy provides Social Work students with practice placement opportunities across all sections of Devon’s Children’s Services. This allows them to experience what it’s like to work in a variety of statutory settings.  Placements for both under graduate and post graduate students are identified, matched and supported by the Academy team.  We work with a number of different Social Work education programs and providers, including staff within our own service that are completing their qualification through the Open University’s bursary route.

    Student Casework Guidance

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  • Children’s Social Care Academy provides placement opportunities for Students who require 6 days of experience in a statutory setting which constitutes an important part of their learning .We encourage our social work staff to become involved which not only enhances the experience of the social work student but provides an important element for staff development.

    Statutory Observations Information

    Please remember that these experiences are a crucial learning opportunity for the students and help the University assess the students’ suitability to practice.

    We provide a 2 day shadowing opportunity for students in the first year of their study. Please see Information Handbooks and Resources for guidance on shadowing a student.

  • OU Students, Step Up Students, External University Students, Local Authority Observations and Shadowing.

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