Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs)


It is essential that any AMHP employed by Devon County Council convenes their five year re-approval meeting in good time to ensure their new warrants can be processed, if all the criteria has been met.

The refresher menu is provided to ensure you can access the appropriate training to meet the requirements of the 5 year Reapproval process.

As quoted in the Approval and Re-approval Guidance ‘The AMHP will need to provide their Portfolio, which will include evidence of four MHA’s per Year, training attended (30 hours per year – 18 of which MUST be specialist to Mental Health)’.

In line with discussion from the AMHP Advisory Committee and the National trend the AMHP Training programme is changing.  Training will now take place in May / June and September / October, the training being duplicated.

In brief, you will now  be required to attend each of the following:-

Day for All – one day in May / June or September / October.

Promoting Inclusion and Challenging Discrimination – March and November.

Portfolio Day  –  September / October.

AMHP Good Practice Day – April.

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