Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice in Devon

Restorative Practice is a ‘way of being’ where the focus is on building strong, meaningful, trusting and respectful ‘relationships’ and repairing relationships when difficulties or harm arises.

Strong meaningful relationships are formed when we work alongside people. We know that people are happier, more cooperative and productive and more likely to make positive changes to their behaviour when we do things WITH them rather than To them or For them. Working WITH people means providing High Support and High Challenge.

Devon’s vision is to embed restorative practice throughout Childrens Services and within our partner agencies. This will make a positive difference to the lives of Devon’s children to enable them to be happy, safe, feel cared for and to reach their full potential in life.

Restorative Practice provides all staff and partner agencies with a value base, language, behaviours and tools to strengthen relationships with children and families and each other.
Our restorative approach focuses on empowering our children and families to find solutions to their problems and recognises them as experts of their own lives.

For internal DCC Staff please visit our Restorative SharePoint Site

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