Transport planning

A382 corridor

Future plans for infrastructure improvements to the west of Newton Abbot are currently being progressed by Devon County Council and Teignbridge District Council. A plan highlighting the elements of the improvements package is shown below.
A382 plan

1Realignment and widening of the A382 to 10 metres with shared pedestrian and cycle path between Forches Cross and Whitehill’s CrossA382 Phase 1
2Jetty Marsh II connection between Whitehill’s Cross on the A382 and Jetty Marsh Road near the HospitalA382 Phase 1
3New crossings of Exeter Road and Jetty Marsh RoadA382 Phase 1
4A new road through proposed employment land at Forches CrossA382 Phase 1
5Realignment and widening of the A382 to 10 metres with shared pedestrian and cycle path between Trago Roundabout and Forches CrossA382 Phase 2
6Pedestrian and cycle bridge at Forches CrossA382 Phase 2
7Park and Change siteHoughton Barton Package
8A new road through the Houghton Barton development (Houghton Barton Avenue) from Forches Cross employment land, connecting with Hele Park Boulevard (part of the Hele Park development) and a development road to the A383 (part of Houghton Barton Development), completing a connection between the A382 and A383Houghton Barton Package
9Off-road cycle facilities along Ashburton Road (A383)Houghton Barton Package
10Widening of the A382 to 2 lane dual carriageway with shared pedestrian and cycle path between Drumbridges and Trago RoundaboutA382 Phase 3

A382 corridor improvements

Future plans for improvements to the A382 stretch from Drumbridges to Whitehill’s Cross with a new link road Jetty Marsh Phase II from Whitehill’s Cross to Jetty Marsh road connecting at West Golds Way (near the hospital). There is reference to these improvements in the Teignbridge Local Plan under policy HT1 (c) and (f).

The improvements to the A382 include realignment and widening of the whole section between Drumbridges and Whitehill’s Cross to create extra capacity to cope with the increases in traffic anticipated as a result of the developments planned in the Heart of Teignbridge area, including to the west of Newton Abbot. Also proposed is a parallel footpath/cycleway linking into wider plans for the Newton Abbot network and a Park and Change site.

The scheme was granted planning permission in June 2017. Funding has been secured for Phase 1 of the scheme (from Forches Cross into Newton Abbot including Jetty Marsh Phase II), part of which is to be provided by the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership. To formally secure this funding a Business Case was submitted in December 2015, which is available on the LEP website under LTB Scheme Business Cases. Construction of the scheme is anticipated to take place in 2018 and 2019.

More information on the scheme can be found using the links below and also on the Heart of the South West LEP website under LTB Scheme Business Cases and LTB Key Documents (under “Details of submitted schemes” there is a link ‘A382 and Jetty Marsh II’).

Houghton Barton Avenue (A382-A383 Connection)

A proposed connection from the A383 to the A382 is currently undergoing scheme design work. There is reference to this link in the Teignbridge Local Plan under policy NA1 (f) and in supporting documents produced by Devon County Council in the Access to Houghton Barton report. This report considered the impact of development and identified potential mitigation measures. The report suggests that the aim of the link is to allow the development whilst minimising further impact on Highweek. It is expected that this link will be in place at the outset of housing developments from future planning applications.

A planning application is due to be submitted in 2018. Funding is being sought from future developments and through the Heart of the South West LEP as part of a package of schemes. A summary was submitted to the LEP in October 2014 for an earlier version of the scheme. A funding contribution has been secured as part of the LEP’s Growth Deal 3 programme, subject to a successful business case submission for the scheme. It is featured in the Growth Deal 3 strategy ‘A Growth Deal for Productivity‘ under the heading ‘Strategic Connectivity & Sustainable Transport’.