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Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB)- January 2019

Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) meeting held on 22nd January 2019

 Summary of meeting

The LDPB discussions included:

Co-Chairs Report

 Robert Hawken introduced himself to the group and told them he had completed a report which would tell everyone what he has been doing on behalf of the board. This included:

LG 14 Action Plan Updates

 The LG14 is an action plan to make things better for people with Learning Disabilities.

 Health Information

  • Robert had set up a stand which had lots of health information on it. He asked the group to take some time to look at it.
  • Some of the information was to help people with a Learning Disability find out how to get on the health register to have better health care.

Learning Disability Updates, Social Care & Health

 Sophie Holmes, Senior Commissioning Officer Disabilities, spoke to the group about: Delivering our plan – Living Well with a Learning Disability in Devon 2018 – 2022. The Strategy (Plan) is based on changes for people. These changes need to be reviewed. To achieve the aims the council talks to people. Working with communities in market towns to;

  • Provide more job opportunities for everyone;
  • Build a strong health and care workforce (health and care workers)Stop people feeling lonely;
  • Develop different housing options;
  • Support people with ongoing health and care needs to be as independent as possible, and part of the community.Health – Quality Checkers

Working with Communities update.

Simon Kitchen and Reem Khreisheh talked to the group about the Learning Disability Work Placement Project


  • To help organisations to set up work experience placements for people with learning disabilities and autism.
  • These placements will help people with learning disabilities and autism to learn new skills to help them get paid work.
  • These placements will help people with learning disabilities and the organisations.

My life so far and goals for the future

 Nicole Summers listed the actions she had chosen with the help of the LDPB to help her reach her goals for the future and explained what she has done since the last meeting to meet her goals.

 Partnership Board planning

 The board discussed:

  • The role of the LDPB
  • Our priorities for this year
  • What we want to achieve this year
  • Making it all happen
  • A.G.M. Planning

The Role is to work in partnership with statutory and community organisations to improve the lives of people with a learning disability and their families.