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Joint Engagement Forum(JEF) – March 2022

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JEF meeting held on 1st March 2022


This quarter the JEF discussions included:

NHS Devon commissioned Options for Living vaccination promotion and engagement project – Living Options Devon

Living Options Devon talked about donations to NHS during pandemic from projects that developed stronger partnership through NHS and community organisations with aim of reducing Covid 19 pressure on NHS and promoting development of integrated care systems.

JEF saw a presentation called Options for Living Project Vaccination champions and Discharge support which included:

• Project Overview
• Project Objectives
• Beneficiaries and partners
• Vaccination Champions
• Hospital Discharge Service
• Questions and discussion

Living Options Devon targets engagement with harder to reach demographic groups and people with protected characteristics.

To increase covid vaccine uptake
Discharge support service

• Work is user led and Living Options partnered with specialist organisations that are involved in JEF partnerships:
• Hikmat/PDREC
• St Petrocs
• Intercom trust
• Sunrise Diversity

Vaccination engagement work led by community vaccination champions to find any barriers to vaccinations or vaccination hesitancy.

DCC Identification of Carers

Devon Carers is committed to identifying hidden carers. There is an estimated 120-125,000 carers across Devon, but only 25,000 known to Devon Carers. Each month will look at different group sending info to employers to see if they have employees who are hidden carers by sending info to GP surgeries aimed at groups such as male carers, ethnic minorities, campaign looking at people who may identify LGBTQ+ – stops In April – identifying people in these hidden groups.


Local Engagement Round-up

LDPB updates and discussion groups

The last LDPB meeting was on the 27 January 2022, the group heard updates on:

• supported living and housing which included the impact of Covid-19
• annual health checks transforming care and test of change
• improving housing options –housing needs and choices

LD Friendship groups – Lloyd Waterman

Carers feedback on LDPB

Autism Involvement Group and Dimensions For Autism

There are regular meetings in different areas in Devon, often online meetings as members are comfortable with that.

120 members at start of year now 160 members – particularly 20–30-year-olds.

Also, members can still join if they are self-diagnosed if they still think that they are on the spectrum, this is due to the long waiting lists for diagnosis.

The Autism Alert cards are now available to order for free online don’t need proof of diagnosis.

Yellow brick road guide update: All documented and will be updated every 6-8 months.


Through December enquiries dropped off. Access to Primary Care, Dentistry, GP access and waiting times were a huge problem. Healthwatch England looked at monitoring these, they have sent out 2 reports, and were being asked to monitor that situation and keep feeding in.

Carer Ambassadors 

There are now 69 Carer Ambassadors across Devon. They have set up 5 different network groups across Devon and meet regularly to feedback which then gets fed into the county wide carer ambassador meetings (Quarterly).

Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG)

Commissioning Involvement Group has been set up so that a core group of members can be invited to take part in engagement opportunities when service user input is required to inform plans. Co – productive principles are being used increasingly so that their input starts from the ground up.

Older People people/ Age UK Devon

Older people’s engagement had their last group meeting in January,will be talking with the commissioning team about potential opportunities to engage older people which concludes in March.

Black & Minority Ethnic engagement/Hikmat 

Busy with refugee reports – carers support and hub have face to face – preparing for work on peninsula – allotment is still going for people who need help with wellbeing – groups in North Devon for line dancing are back on

Co – Production Working Group

LoveCare campaign feedback – there is interesting about work force development in Exmouth and East Devon to improve retention and recruitment with a more community-based approach to make community understand importance of care done well. People involved in this will be having some Co – Production training.