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Joint Engagement Forum (JEF) – December 2018

Joint Engagement Forum (JEF) meeting held on Tuesday 11th December 2018


Summary of this quarters meeting

 The meeting discussed the following:

Disability Employment Campaign Update

The Disability employment campaign has gone live and it has been popular. There are about 150 organisations that have signed up to the Disability Confident Campaign.

NHS/Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Engagement and Equality Update

Positively engaging:

Work has begun an ongoing dialogue within communities, regarding all health and care provision in their areas, in order that they can help design what they think it should look like.

Examples of positive engagement:

 Communities in Okehampton and Holsworthy have been engaged on how they are using existing resources and their thoughts on future provision. A survey has gone out to every household in Holsworthy, so feedback will come from the survey results. JEF members noted that there is a need for ensuring a range of services are accessible to all members of the community, with particular concerns about communication with the autistic community.

A mapping grid is being developed to identify available services and gaps in provision which will be shared with JEF members..

Equality and Diversity

The NHS Equality co-operative has been working on:

  • Identifying gaps and issues to address arising from lots of engagement activity to inform the refreshing of the diversity and inclusion strategy.
  • Establishing who exactly they are commissioning for and what needs arise from equality characteristics.
  • How data can be collected.
  • How to improve provisions for the Deaf community.
  • How to strengthen Equality and Diversity within their own organisations, predominantly working through the CCG as the organisation where providers meet with commissioners.

It was noted that in response to feedback from the Deaf community NHS England will be working to improve GP access to sign language interpreters.

Local Engagement Round-up

Devon Disability Network

The Devon Disability Network is improving all the time. Seven coordinators now represent the network at various meetings to listen and input concerns of disabled people in Devon.

Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB)

The JEF heard how LDPB had discussed:

  • Local Government Green Paper
  • Health Planning
  • The new Devon Learning Disability Strategy
  • National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) Guidelines

Nicole Summers presented the start of her promoting independence journey, including:

  • My plans
  • My Goals
  • Making my goals happen

Goals included:

  • To live more independently
  • To have my own home with a garden
  • To have a paid job
  • Next Steps

 Report for Carers Partnership Forum

Carers representatives updated the JEF on the formation of the new Carers Partnership Forum which replaced the Carers Strategy Delivery Board, with improved Carer Ambassador representation and the Adult Care & Health Portfolio-holder as the chair.

Statutory Surveys

The biennial statutory Carers Survey has been completed for this year. The statutory Adult Social Care Survey will be sent out in early January 2019

Safeguarding Adult’s involvement

Progress continues to be made on forming a Safeguarding Adults Community Reference Group and identification of the issues the Safeguarding Adults Board and DCC wish to undertake engagement on, in particular how well people understand what safeguarding is, especially vulnerable and minority groups

 Autism Involvement Group

 The JEF heard feedback on service user participation in the Self Assessment Framework return to Public Health England and the discussion of the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Dimensions For Autism are also working on engagement in Torbay and with women and the LGBT community.

Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG)

CIG representatives updated the JEF on their input to the accredited assessor project with social care providers, the rights leaflet this is leading to and the way in which the CIG itself is becoming an exemplar for good practice in co-production.

Equality Reference Group (ERG)

ERG representatives described how ERG heard from the disability employment campaign, and ongoing work to promote equalities to providers.

Proud to Care Campaign

The JEF heard how there are currently about 340 care worker vacancies in Devon which Proud to Care is doing its best to address via a wide range of recruitment initiatives.