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Joint Engagement Forum (JEF) – October 2020

JEF meeting held on 1st October 2020


This quarter the JEF discussions included:

Devon Engagement Service, Covid – 19 Impact Assessment Engagement

Living Options Devon (LOD) were asked to gather information from partners who represent hard to reach vulnerable people who receive ASC services and complete three reports. The engagement was to be fed back into Equality Impact Assessments at DCC, identifying gaps in services and how individuals were coping. The presentation shows the questions and the key themes that came as a result of the questions. Reports had been produced for May, July and October 2020.

It was noted that good use has be made of the reports, they have helped community teams to link with third sector organisations and informed Safeguarding work.

JEF members were given an opportunity to ask questions about the reports and information was shared during the meeting for further reading and joining up.

Adult Social Care Winter Plan

The government requires NHS and Social Care to form winter plans that fall into context with the national ones. The slides outline the Devon position. When money is allocated to providers guidelines will be made available.

Presentation –

National Social Care task force as well as other governance, came up with recommendations. As well as sending task force recommendations, they sent a request for report on how we will respond.

The report shows:

  •  30% deaths in care homes, 9% died in hospital, in winter the low temperature means the infection rate is higher, then winter flu also occurs.
  • Devon is in the 5th lowest numbers of homes that have reported Covid outbreaks. Testing is however showing that numbers are rising, so there is a need to be vigilant and responsive.
  • There has been alarm about the ‘do not resuscitate’ orders. Not issuing the order has been a top priority.
  • Infection control fund has money but a huge market of people who will need this, with a need to provide for unpaid carers.
  • Clipper portal on list is National Distribution Service for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the government have ramped up the provision. DCC is making use of Community Equipment Suppliers to help with this. Feedback for LOD is helping to inform this.
  • Devon is one of lowest R rates, factors are locking down in advance, a collaborative approach, key players from the voluntary sector.
  • PPE challenge has been met successfully, factors are resisting requests for care homes until test results are clear and trying to make sure staff are deployed into the correct roles.

Learning Disability Partnership Board

The JEF saw a video that explained the LDPB new ways of working, which will include various subgroups. The video was well received by JEF members and will be uploaded to the LD Website.

Autism Involvement Group

AIG heard an update from the latest AIG meeting on 11th August, which was the first to be run using the Teams platform after the beginning of the Covid restrictions.

Carer Ambassadors

Because of lockdown Carer Ambassador involvement had stopped. They have been giving telephone support during lockdown, which included support calls to carers. Activities with DCC have resumed by using online platforms. Future new ways of working and adapting with changes have been discussed.

Throughout out the Pandemic Carer Ambassadors (CA’s) have been busy in their fields of interest as well as outside these. Whether Learning or Physical Disability, Dementia, Mental Health, End of life care, or other support needs.

Commissioning Involvement Group 

CIG has met online for some Microsoft Teams training to give members a chance to iron out any technical difficulties before an official meeting was held. The first online CIG was held on 28th September.

Co-Production Group

Following the last January meeting, the plan was to hold a Co – Production Awareness session and develop that. They now have page on DCC website with links about Co – Production.

Safeguarding Reference Group

All meetings have taken place remotely, with representatives from vulnerable groups. There have been useful conversations around safeguarding and lockdown issues, social isolation and domestic abuse. The Safeguarding Board have developed an annual report that went to the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Equality Reference Group

DCC Older Persons Engagement

Kath Bird and her colleagues are in the process of developing opportunities to engage with older people, the idea would be to have a virtual panel and focus group.

HOPE programme

The HOPE programme Is still running. Virtual courses have been developed using the Microsoft Teams platform

Other LOD Engagement

Feedback from the focus groups has been that closer collaboration is valuable and that cost cutting should not be a priority. Two groups have been set up for Devon and Torbay. Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) ethical framework – LOD asked for feedback on the clinical allocation and withdrawal document, specifically from BAME and disabled people. CCG understand that these groups are vulnerable.

Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB)

HWWB have been conducting research around Covid-19. The Devon Recovery Group has come through the HWBB to discuss Covid issues.

Health Watch (HW) Devon consumer voice issues

Health Watch have been running the Local Engagement Service Contract and collaborated for a consumer voice and they are now six months in. There have been many changes, new groups and meetings have started and the main aim is to get consumer voices.

JEF saw a presentation which included:

• 6 priority topic areas
• Public feedback for Devon regarding the range of services
• Contact Themes
• A further breakdown of themes
• Current Engagement Activity in HW Devon area and wider geographical footprint
• Other engagement and involvement activities

It was noted that noted that it is good to have joining up and sharing of good practice from different areas.

NHS engagement – Modernising Health and Care Services in the Teignmouth and Dawlish area 

Jenney Turner is head of integrated care and leading the public consultation.
There are currently two practices in Teignmouth, which are in old buildings. There is a strong need to recruit more GPs. The national strategy is about bringing all services together and the vision is for Teignmouth and Dawlish to have integrated care.

JEF saw a presentation which explained different elements of the consultation.

Covid –19 and Health Inequalities

The JEF saw a presentation which included:

• Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in 2019/2020
• Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED)
• What our report told us
• The impact of Covid-19 on EDI work
• Phase 3 Recovery work

It was noted that the recurring theme today which was that it is useful joining up to share reports and information, the use of the chat bar to share links is adds to this. LOD engagement work will provide important insights, so that minority voices can be heard.