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Understanding healthy relationship needs in Devon

We want to better understand how people in Devon see issues around healthy family relationships, domestic abuse and violence and how these impact their daily lives.

When talking about healthy relationships we refer to everything within a relationship that is good or bad. We all want relationships that are happy, fulfilling and loving but sometimes things do not work out as we planned and even the best relationships can, at times, go wrong.

By relationships, we don’t just mean couples but also relationships between siblings, child and parent relationships and friendships.

Please complete this anonymous survey, we are interested in hearing about people’s relationship experiences and journeys where things have not always worked out. For both men and women, this could mean the relationship left you afraid, confused or upset, your partner was controlling, harassed you, stalked you, or forced you to do things you did not want to do.

Our main goal is to hear about how you felt and your own impressions on whether there is the right support out there for people stuck in an unhealthy relationship or if more can be done to make them feel safer. This survey is for anyone with experience of domestic abuse, current or historic.

We value all views and ideas. The information you share will be used to better understand the needs in Devon of those who face abuse of any kind and will also be used to develop future services, such as domestic and sexual violence support and ensure there is the best possible Domestic Abuse support available across Devon for people who need it.

If you are affected by any topic raised within this survey you can find support by calling Fearless on 0345 155 1074 or visit FearLess –

Alternatively, the free National Domestic Abuse Helpline is available 24 hours a day, all year round on 0808 2000 247.

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