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Bere Alston Primary Academy School: change of age range

Bere Alston Primary Academy School is proposing to lower its age range from 4-11 to 2-11 years of age from 1 February 2020.  Bere Alston Primary School currently operates a Governor-run pre-school on Bere Alston Primary School’s site and takes 2, 3 and 4 year olds.  This proposal is concerned with the Governor-run pre-school becoming part of the school rather than operating as an extended service. If the proposal is approved, the pre-school will become a Nursery Class within the school.  Please see the consultation document below for further information.  The closing date for responses is Friday 10 January 2020.  Please email any responses to:


Consultation method:
Contact information: Address: Mrs Katy Rooke-Bruce, Head of Teaching and Learning, Bere Alston Primary Academy School, Station Road, Bere Alston, PL20 7AU