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Commissioning Involvment Group (CIG) – December 2017

CIG meeting held on 5th December 2017

Summary of meeting

The CIG discussions included:

Recap of the Year

The group each had copies of the notes from the meetings which took place this year. They were asked to look at this alongside the involvement log that had been pulled together to see if they could identify any areas we had missed or if there were areas where they would like a bit more of an update on, areas discussed:

Representation from Hikmat

Clear communication of information between different meetings

More Involvement from carers

JEF Update

The group were given an update of what was discussed at the last Joint Engagement Forum (JEF).

JEF attendees had been asked for their views on the new draft vision for Adult Social Care and Health, and Health and Wellbeing Board papers ahead of the next meeting.

As with all JEF’s there is also time for each of the representatives of the Forum to give an update on each of their areas.

The CIG also wanted to know more about the Sustainability Transformation Plan and the CCG’s visions, which was raised at the JEF.