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Commissioning Involvment Group (CIG) – February 2018

Commissioning Involvement Group (CIG) meeting held on 6th February 2018

 Summary of meeting

The CIG discussions included:

Assessing Yourself form

Jeff Walker came along to discuss the online ‘Assessing Yourself’ form, intended for people over the age of 18 who have the mental capacity to understand their own needs and can fill out the form if they want to know about social care. The original version of this form was extremely long. The meeting discussed how the original version could be adjusted to produce a shorter one.

ToR Refresh / Ground Rules for the CIG – Roger Trapani & Kath Bird

 Terms of Reference for the Group will be discussed at the next meeting

The group discussed set of ground rules is needed for CIG meetings – the intention is that information about membership of the Group and what is going to the meeting should be sent to speakers beforehand.

The following points were summarised:

  • Courtesy and respect to be shown to speakers, which will encourage them to return – make sure that we present our views in the right way.
  • Give constructive criticism – e.g. “I am not sure I agree with that, but could we do it this way?”






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