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Care Homes Fees 2024 – 25

Devon County Council has written directly to all Devon care home providers with details of the proposed annual fee increases for 2024-5.

Devon County Council proposes to set care home fees for 2024/25 by applying 4% to sector specific inflation indicators to the personalised fee model, banded fee model, and non-banded rates as described in the consultation document. This recognises a reducing inflation rate, that is forecast to reduce further over the next 12 months to an average of 2.2% in 24/25.

Personalised Fee Model – Care Cost Hourly Rate

It is proposed that the care cost hourly rate increase from £14.16 per hour to £14.72 per

Personalised Fee Model – Accommodation Costs

The Council also proposes to apply 4% to the accommodation weekly rates as follows:
• Residential to increase from £396 per week to £412 per week.
• Nursing to increase from £414 per week to £431 per week.

Non-Banded Rate

It is proposed Non-banded rates be uplifted by 4%

Banded Fee Inflation

The inflation approach for the banded fee proposes that 4% be added to the 23/24 fee as below:

Care Home Fees Increase 2024-25 consultation document

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