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Fund title: Exeter Grants Programme

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Grants for projects that support people and community activities in Exeter

Application deadline:

The funds are available until April 2022

Fund description:

Exeter City Council has reopened its Grants Programme. The aim is to support groups and organisations to work together to make a difference in their community by supporting projects that:

  • help people to help themselves and each other
  • build on the strengths of people and communities
  • connect people and organisations within and across communities

The funds are:

Small Grants Fund
Up to £3,000 will be available through the Small Grants Fund, which can support projects and activities taking place across multiple Wards or across the City.

Large Grants Fund
Voluntary and community groups can apply for a grant of up to £10,000 to pay towards building or refurbishment costs or the purchase of equipment.

Community Buildings Fund
Community Associations will be able to apply for a grant for a maximum of £5,000 per year to contribute to the annual running costs of your community centre.  This fund is for everyday running costs of community centres such as wages, utility bills and rent.

Exeter Ward Grants
Grants up to £500 to support a community project, a local community festival, a local theatre production or a craft group.

These funds are available until April 2022.

Further information: