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What the fund cannot support

Generally speaking, the following will not be considered eligible for support:

  • Projects that promote or support a particular political, faith or belief (including repairs to buildings used solely for these activities)
  • Individuals or projects that result in direct cash payments or awards to the end beneficiaries, or to ongoing staff salaries
  • Project sponsorship and fundraising events
  • Projects from purely commercial or for- “private-profit” organisations.
  • Projects considered likely to create a new or displaced dependency on other public and voluntary services.
  • Projects providing services which are a statutory duty
  • Regular Highways-related activity such as but not limited to grass cutting, ditch and drainage work or other associated ‘lengthsman’ duties and tasks
  • Projects benefitting one individual recipient, e.g. an individual carer.
  • Projects which have already been supported through the current year’s funding
  • Projects where more than 25% of the people benefiting from the project live outside the DCC administrative area of Devon.
  • Animal Welfare projects where the sole/majority of beneficiaries are animals (i.e. charity, rescue or therapy)
  • Projects seeking a commitment to ongoing support.
  • Projects where groups have more than 12 months running costs in unrestricted reserves
  • Projects that have already taken place.
  • Organisations or groups that do not have a bank account in their name with at least two unrelated signatories and/or do not have a management committee comprising at least three unrelated members. Unless you are applying using guidance note **(a) above