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What sort of ideas might be funded?

Ideas and initiatives which:

  • strike up a new community conversation; bringing people together to identify, prioritise, develop and achieve, relatively quickly, those small but important things that matter to them,
  • strengthen and develop existing community networks, connections and conversations to achieve those things mattering most to a community,
  • establish, strengthen or help expand a much needed social or physical activity or offer in a community, such as a youth group, cooking skills workshop, the room hire for a new self-care or social group, and/or tools and equipment for a group, such as a new shed for a community gardening club or fruit tree saplings for a community orchard.
  • focuses on inclusiveness and removing inequalities, loneliness, isolation, exclusion and/or anti-social behaviour across the age range; enriching the community making it a safer and kinder place to live,
  • encourage and help people to live more connected, positive, fulfilling, healthy and/or active lives,
  • support, strengthen and develop people’s learning, knowledge, expertise and skills and/or encourages people to be more active citizens and volunteers within communities.

We will consider other imaginative ideas or initiatives where a small amount of funding, not available elsewhere, can help benefit quickly a community and/or make a big difference to people’s lives within it; helping to make a safer, kinder, more connected and stronger community.