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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We would like to reassure you that we are closely monitoring the situation and working with the government and NHS. For guidance on coronavirus and the latest information on the situation, visit Devon County Council’s coronavirus (COVID-19) advice page.

Ageing Well

‘Ageing Well’ was a government-funded programme of work in 2011-12 which aimed to take an asset-based approach to supporting older people’s wellbeing. OPM* undertook work in different localities around England, using variations on this core agenda:

Time Welcome and introduction to the workshop
30 minutes Your experience (facilitated discussion in groups)

  • ‘As I’ve grown older, I…’
  • ‘Getting older in X area feels like…’
  • ‘The things that have become more challenging are…’
  • ‘The things I’m enjoying are…’
30 minutes Mapping our personal ‘assets’ and what they mean for us day to day (facilitated discussion in groups)

  • Visible assets – the possessions that help us to do things we enjoy – tools for gardening, a sewing machine for sewing, a car to get around etc)
  • Skills and talents – the things we are good at and enjoy doing
  • Relationships and networks – family, friends and neighbours
45 minutes Mapping our collective local ‘assets’ and what they mean for us day to day (facilitated discussion in groups, using A1 printed maps, pens and sticky dots)

  • Public services – GP surgeries,
  • Community places and spaces – halls, leisure centres, schools, parks etc.
  • Community organisations – sports clubs, lunch clubs, CAB, charities like Age UK etc.
  • Businesses we value as community resources – local shop, pub, post office etc.
15 minutes BREAK
30 minutes Generating ideas for change (facilitated discussion in groups)

  • Could we make better use of the assets we’ve talked about today? How?
  • Do we have skills and talents that could benefit each other and our community?
  • Could we use our buildings and open spaces in different ways?

Could we help people get more involved in local clubs and activities?

*Independent research organisation and consultancy