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Ageing Well

‘Ageing Well’ was a government-funded programme of work in 2011-12 which aimed to take an asset-based approach to supporting older people’s wellbeing. OPM* undertook work in different localities around England, using variations on this core agenda:

TimeWelcome and introduction to the workshop
30 minutesYour experience (facilitated discussion in groups)

  • ‘As I’ve grown older, I…’
  • ‘Getting older in X area feels like…’
  • ‘The things that have become more challenging are…’
  • ‘The things I’m enjoying are…’
30 minutesMapping our personal ‘assets’ and what they mean for us day to day (facilitated discussion in groups)

  • Visible assets – the possessions that help us to do things we enjoy – tools for gardening, a sewing machine for sewing, a car to get around etc)
  • Skills and talents – the things we are good at and enjoy doing
  • Relationships and networks – family, friends and neighbours
45 minutesMapping our collective local ‘assets’ and what they mean for us day to day (facilitated discussion in groups, using A1 printed maps, pens and sticky dots)

  • Public services – GP surgeries,
  • Community places and spaces – halls, leisure centres, schools, parks etc.
  • Community organisations – sports clubs, lunch clubs, CAB, charities like Age UK etc.
  • Businesses we value as community resources – local shop, pub, post office etc.
15 minutesBREAK
30 minutesGenerating ideas for change (facilitated discussion in groups)

  • Could we make better use of the assets we’ve talked about today? How?
  • Do we have skills and talents that could benefit each other and our community?
  • Could we use our buildings and open spaces in different ways?

Could we help people get more involved in local clubs and activities?

*Independent research organisation and consultancy