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COVID-19 Community Support Groups

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Many communities in Devon are putting together local initiatives to support those in need. If you are involved with creating or running a local support group:
  • Please register some basic details with Devon County Council using the form below so that we can help to signpost people appropriately and make contact with local groups
  • Get in touch with your local Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) who can support you and are coordinating activity. If you are in Exeter, visit the Exeter Community Wellbeing website and for the rest of Devon find contact details on the Devon Voluntary Action (DeVA) website

Public information

We are expecting to help a significant number of people who may not be online and will prefer to speak to someone by phone. If your group is advertising a phone number for local support, please include it here so we can provide the best information we can.
We'd like to try to show support groups on a map - to do this we'll need a postcode. Please could you provide the postcode of somewhere fairly central in your community (e.g. village hall/post office?)

Admin information

We'd like to collect details of group organisers for Devon County Council to keep in touch.
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