Safer Recruitment Service

Devon County Council is a registered umbrella body with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and provides services to council staff, schools, academies and externally to support a variety of businesses, organisations and charities. The department is primarily responsible for processing electronic (online) standard and enhanced DBS checks, but also offers additional services to our customers such as:

  • advice, support and guidance on the DBS application process
  • information on eligibility for DBS checking
  • DBS First checks and DBS Adult First checks
  • external ID validation to comply with Route 2 of the DBS process
  • electronic (online) DBS basic checks.

Please visit our employment check portal.

Why choose Devon County Council?

The Safer Recruitment Service offers a comprehensive and efficient service and is well known for its professionalism and friendly approach. Our team bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the department from varying backgrounds. The department maintain a comprehensive database containing the key applicant data along with the DBS check information, which enables detailed reports and financial data to be easily accessed should customers require. The department also provide detailed information to new customers, as well as regular communication updates on changes and new initiatives.

Please see our DBS applications flyer which describes the benefits of using our electronic DBS application service and a flowchart describing the process.

Information for our existing customers

Latest news

Important customer notice
From 1 August 2019 the DBS will no longer allow alterations to DBS application forms submitted. If there are inaccuracies, errors or omissions of data, the application will be rejected, withdrawn and no refund will be given. This will result in a new check and costs being incurred. Please check the application form carefully and ensure that an accurate and comprehensive ID verification is carried out.  Employers and organisations must only submit DBS applications where the law allows. For more information on eligibility please visit the DBS website at View our latest customer update for September 2019, for more information. If you are unsure about what information to select for your DBS applications, please contact the Safer Recruitment Service.

Sample policies

There is an obligation for all customers using the DBS service to comply with the DBS Code of Practice. This includes a requirement to have in place two policies. Please find below model policies provided by the DBS, from which you can create your own policy, appropriately worded for your business or organisation. Your policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders must be made available to potential applicants on request.

Customer update

Employment check system guidance documents

Guidance documents

Recruitment information for Devon County Council applicants

Devon County Council carry out a number of safer recruitment pre-employment checks for successful candidates. Please find links below to documents you may be required to complete:

How to register as a new customer

If you would like to register to use our service then please email us at or alternatively write to us on your organisation’s headed paper to:

Safer Recruitment Service
Devon County Council HR ONE
Great Moor House
Bittern Road

For further enquiries or information please contact the Safer Recruitment Service:

Tel: 01392 381033 or 383266