Tandra Forster:

Integrated Adult Social Care

Tandra Forster Profile Picture
Tandra Forster: Integrated Adult Social Care

Salary: (April 2023) £150,913

Role and responsibilities

  • To provide the strategic management of the Council’s services for adult care, strategic commissioning for adult services and a strategic relationship with health.
  • To act as the Council’s statutory Director for Adult Social Services (DASS).
  • To lead on joint strategic commissioning with the NHS.
  • To work in partnership with members of the Health and Wellbeing Board to improve health and wellbeing for Devon’s citizens.
  • To ensure appropriate safeguarding arrangements are in place within the council and across the partnership.
  • Tandra also has overall responsibility for commissioning high-quality services to meet the social care needs of people in Devon, for quality assurance and for the implementation of change proposals.


Tandra was appointed as Director of Integrated Adult Social Care in August 2022.

She has a degree in Government and Sociology from Essex University, an Open University conversion degree in psychology and a master’s degree in Leadership and Management in Public Service from Hertfordshire University.

Tandra has worked in local government since 2004, starting as a Reviewing and Monitoring Officer in the Supporting People Programme. She went on to hold several roles in housing and social care.

In 2013 she became Head of Adult Social Care for West Berkshire Council, responsible for leading both operational delivery and the commissioning of social care services. In 2018 she became the Acting Director for Adult Social Services and Public Health.

In 2020 Tandra was appointed as the Executive Director for Adults and Communities at Southend City Council. Responsibilities included the role of statutory DASS, the strategic lead for health integration, overseeing Southend’s cultural assets (including the pier!) and being the corporate lead for community development.

She is an active member of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, chairing their eastern branch until 2022, she is the current Chair of their National Commissioning Network and is their co-lead for workforce in the south-west.

Tandra loves music, listening to anything from rock, jazz or classical, and looks forward to attending more festivals in Devon. She also enjoys reading and walking, managing to combine both in a walking book group.

Head of service direct reports are:

    • Gary Patch

      Head of Integrated Adult Social Care

    • Sarah Mackereth

      Assistant Director Adult Social Care (Western Devon)

    • Stella Doble

      Assistant Director Adult Social Care (Northern Devon)

    • Simon Tapley

      Assistant Director of Health and Social Care, Southern Devon (interim)

    • Julia Brown

      Interim Assistant Director Adult Social Care (Eastern Devon)

    • Tina Ramage

      Principal Adult Social Worker

    • Carolyne Hague

      Principal Adult Occupational Therapist

    • Rebecca Hudson

      Senior Commissioning Manager – Disabilities

    • Ian Hobbs

      Senior Commissioning Manager – Workforce, Digital and Carers

    • Tim Leishman

      Senior Programme Manager

    • Kayleigh Bradford

      Principal Social Worker

    • Damian Furniss

      Senior Manager – Policy, Performance and Involvement

    • Kate Mulford

      Senior Commissioning Manager (temp)

    • Steve Blandford

      Senior Manager – Quality

    • Nicola Tribble

      Senior Commissioning Manager – Markets and Older People