Meg Booth:

Director of Climate Change, Environment and Transport.

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Meg Booth: Director of Climate Change, Environment and Transport.

Salary: (April 2023) £113,000

Role and responsibilities

Meg has responsibility for managing Devon’s assets including highways, schools and county estates, and the Council’s Capital Programme. The service also helps the people of Devon to reduce their waste.


Meg joined Devon County Council in 1989 as a graduate trainee, starting in the design team, which is now Infrastructure Development. Meg progressed into highway maintenance becoming Divisional Surveyor for East Devon, and then larger geographical areas of the county, before joining the highway asset team.

She was appointed Chief Officer for Highways, Infrastructure, Development and Waste in 2017 and is now Director for Climate Change, Environment and Transport.

Meg is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation and has a BEng in civil engineering.

To relax, Meg will be found walking the Public Rights of Way network in Devon, and her eagle eye will almost certainly spot when she crosses the border into other council areas, whether that’s the quality of their stiles, way markers, or overgrown vegetation.

Meg is always keen to let colleagues know when ‘her’ swallows return in spring and have their usual two broods of youngsters in the garage.

Meg is also a keen gardener with a large vegetable patch which keeps her busy, especially when surrounded by wildlife – notably deer and rabbits, who love nibbling the tops off onions and leeks!

Meg’s direct reports are:

    • Ian James

      Group Manager Highways and Traffic Management

    • Brian Hensley

      Development Manager Highways Development Management

    • Clare Breckin

      Chief Engineer Highways and Built Environments

    • Simon Hill

      Chief Engineer Bridges and Structures

    • Mike Deaton

      Chief Planner

    • Simon Niles

      Schools Planning, Pupil Placement and Commissioning Manager

    • James Anstee

      Road Safety Team Manager

    • Vacancy

      Transport Strategy Manager

    • Peter Chamberlain

      Environment Manager

    • Wendy Barratt

      County Waste Manager

    • Paul Edmonds

      Passenger Services Manager

    • Mike Tucker

      Principal Public Transport Officer

    • Lynn Thornton

      Team Leader Patient Transport