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Jargon Buster

ABIAcquired Brain Injury
ACHAdult Care & Health
ACSAdult & Community Services
ADASSAssociation of Directors of Adult Social Services
AHPAllied Health Practitioners
AIGAutism Involvement Group
AMHPApproved Mental Health Professional
AOBAny Other BusinessAnything else you want to talk about at the end of the meeting
ASCAdult Social Care or Altered States of Consciousness (context specific) 
ASCOFAdult Social Care Outcomes Framework
ASWApproved Social Worker
AWWWGAdults Way We Work GroupA group that governs how changes are made in Adult Social Care, looking at pros, cons, and how they might impact elsewhere.
BVRBest Value Review
CACare ActThe Care Act is a law about care and support for adults in England. Because there are a lot of different laws on this it is difficult to know what care and support you could get. The 2014 Care Act brings them together under one law which gives clear and simple rules and guidance. Also discussed is what people should be able to get, what councils have to do, and guidance and information for councils on how to use the Care Act properly
CAMHSChild and Adolescent Mental Health Services
CCGClinical Commissioning GroupClinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are NHS organizations set up by the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to organize the delivery of NHS services in England
CCTComplex Care Team
CDPCare Direct Plus
CF6Care First 6Computer software used for recording information about ASC service users
CHCContinuing Healthcare
CHLTCare & Health Leadership Team
CIAGCreative Innovation and Growth ProgramSupport programme that is part of the Adult Social Care external markets support package
CIGCommissioning Involvement Group
CQCCare Quality CommissionThe independent regulator of health and social care in England. They make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and encourage care services to improve.
CSCICommission for Social Care Inspection
CSDBCarers Strategy Delivery Board
CSIPCare Services Improvement Partnership
CSMCommunity Services Manager
CSRComprehensive Sending Review
CWGCarers Working Group
CYPSChildren & Young People’s Services
DANADevon Autism & ADHD Service
DCCDevon County Council 
DCSBData Co-ordination Sub-Board
DDAGData Delivery Action Group
DeLDevon Learning
DHSCDepartment of Health & Social Care
DILISDevon Independent Living Integrated Service
DISDisability Information Services
DLADisability Living AllowanceDisability Living Allowance ( DLA ) has been replaced by Personal Independence Payment ( PIP ) for disabled people
DPDirect PaymentsPayments paid directly to disabled people aged 16 or over so that they can organise and pay for the services that they need, rather than use the services the council offers. This means people have greater choice and control in how their care is delivered.
DPTDevon Partnership TrustAn organisation that provides mental health services in Devon
DSAMDevon Services Allocation Meeting
DSAPDevon Safeguarding Adults PartnershipThis used to be called Devon Safeguarding Adults Board
DSPDevon Strategic Partnership
DSTDecision Support Tool
DTPDisabilities Transformation Programme
DWPDepartment of Work and PensionsThis is responsible for welfare, pensions and child maintenance policy.
EDSEmergency Duty Services
EDTEmergency Duty TeamNow called Emergency Duty Services
FINDForensic Service for men with Intellectual and Neurodevelopment Disorders
FNCFunded Nursing Care
IBIndividual Budget
IBCFImproved Better Care FundThe iBCF was first announced in the 2015 Spending Review, and is paid as a direct grant to local government, with a condition that it is pooled into the local BCF plan. According to the grant determination, the funding can be spent on three purposes: Meeting adult social care needs; Reducing pressures on the NHS, including supporting more people to be discharged from hospital when they are ready; Ensuring that the local social care provider market is supported.
ICMIntegrated Care Model
ILAIndependent Living AdvisorSomeone who can advise a recipient of a Personal Budget (PB) about how they can use it to meet the outcomes of a Support Plan. All aspects of the first payment are currently dealt with by the DCC ILAs ensuring a Direct Payment (DP) is used safely and legally. The initial consultation about a DP is usually done face to face. The DCC ILAs then provide ongoing support concerning banking, employment of a Personal Advisor (PA), crisis management etc.
ILCIndependent Living Centre
IRPIndependent Review Panel
ISFIndividual Service FundThis is a different way for you to buy your care from a Domiciliary Care Agency.
JATJoint Agency Team
JEFJoint Engagement Forum
JMTJoint Management Team
JSLTJoint Senior Leadership Team
LALocal AuthorityThe council area
LDLearning Disability
LDPBLearning Disability Partnership Board
LG8/15/80Leadership Group 8/15/80Meetings of the top 8, 15 or 80 managers in DCC.
LIGLocal Implementation Group
LWAHLiving Well at Home ContractA contract for receiving personal care services in your own home
MACMedical Adviory Committee
MECCMaking Every Contact Count
MHMental Health
NDHCTNorth Devon Healthcare TrustOne of the main providers in the LWAH contract
NDTiNational Development Team for Inclusion
NEW Devon CCGNorthern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group
NHSNational Health Service
OBCOutcome Based CommissioningOutcome based commissioning (OBC) is a relatively new approach to commissioning health and social care services in the UK. Outcomes refer to the impacts or end results of services on a person’s life. As such, outcome-focused services aim to achieve the aspirations, goals and priorities as defined by service users.
OBSOutcome Based ServicesAn outcome is something achieved because of care delivery. This calls for a team-based approach to care, which listens properly to what the person receiving care most wants to achieve and uses that, alongside evidence, to agree decisions with them about what outcomes to put on their support plan
OPOlder People
OTOccupational Therapist
PAPersonal AssistantAn assistant employed by the service via a direct payment.
PALSPatient Advice and Liaison Services
PATHPlanning Alternative Tomorrows with HopeA person-centered planning tool that helps groups plan for the future
PBPersonal BudgetThe amount of money you are given for your care.  This is similar to an Individual Budget, but is only made up of funding for social care.
PCNPrimary Care Network
PCPPerson Centred PlanningA more intensive type of support planning
PCTPrimary Care Trust
PDPhysical Disability
PDEGProgramme Delivery Executive Group
PFA or PfAPreparing for Adulthood
PHNPrimary Health Need
PIPPersonal Independence PaymentThis is a benefit for people aged between 16 and 64 who, because of a long-term illness or disability, may need help with daily activities or getting around.
PPECPatient and Public Engagement CommitteeNEW Devon CCG engagement mechanism with service users
PQRPractice Quality Reviews
PSWPrincipal Social Worker
PUPoCPreviously Unassessed Package of Care
RASResource Allocation System
RMResource Manager
RSPC GroupRe-Shaping Personal Care GroupThis is a group of service users and carers who meet to help with the redesign of the Living Well at Home (LWAH) personal care contract
SARSafeguarding Adult Review
SARsSelf-Assesment Report
SCRSerious Case Review
SD&T CCGSouth Devon & Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group
SDECSame Day Emergency Care
SDPSafer Devon Partnership (Board)
SENDSpecial Educational Needs and Disablity
SHOShared Hours Offer
SISensory Impairment
SLTSenior Leadership Team
SMART (targets)Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely
SMGSenior Management Group
SSAMSouthern Services Allocation Meeting
STPSustainable Transformation Programme
SUService User
TCSGTransforming Care Steering Group
TECSTechnology Enabled Care and Support
TEPTreatment Escalation Plan
TUPETransfer of Undertakings & Protection of Employment regulations
YPYoung People
24/7 GridA planning tool, used mainly with people with a learning disability, that helps them plan their daily lives
Banking Support HoursSupport hours that you save to use later.
BrokerageThe assistance people may need to work out what their choices are in terms of care services they may wish to buy, and the process of support required to make it happen.
Co-DesignDesigning services equally with all stakeholders such as service users, carers, voluntary & community organisations, local government, and NHS
CommissionerA person whose job involves buying services
CommissioningBuying services
Edge of CareExploring community support to keep people out of the care system
Edibility CriteriaEligibility Criteria are the rules councils use to decide if they should help you.
Framework AgreementA contract between DCC and a select list of providers whereby DCC and its partners can draw down services from the providers on the framework. Services from a framework contract are commissioned by DCC and paid for from a personal budget.
Managed Personal BudgetAn account managed by Devon County Council for services commissioned by DCC.
Mixed BudgetA budget where some services are commissioned by DCC though the framework agreement and other services are purchased through a direct payment.
My PlanA written statement that sets out what care and support services you will receive
Peer SupportThis involves someone with experience of a disability, listening, sharing experiences, information and first-hand knowledge about living with a disability and assisting others in making informed, independent choices.
Pooling FundsPutting money for buying services together to get better services
Prime ProviderThe main provider that Devon County Council has a contract with
Promoting Independence PolicyWorking with individuals to optimize their abilities to function and to make their own choices in all aspects of their lives.
ProviderAn organisation that delivers services
Self Directed SupportThis includes a variety of ways to create personalised social care, whereby people have more control over the way the money for their care and support is spent. Services can be tailored to achieve an individual’s identified needs. It includes direct payments and personal or individual budgets
StatutoryObligation imposed by law
Strengths Based ApproachThis assesses the inherent strengths of a person or family and builds on them.
Sub-Contractor or ‘Sub’The smaller providers in each area that the Primes work with to deliver the contract
Support BrokerageInvolves the assistance that people need to work out what their choices will be, and the support required to make it happen
Supporting Independence ContractA new framework contract from Devon County Council for unregulated services
Support PlanDetail of an individual’s needs and the specified outcomes they believe that support will help them achieve.
Universal Payment /CreditThis is a monthly payment to help with your living costs. You may be able to get it if you’re on a low income or out of work.
Unregulated ServicesServices not regulated by the Care Quality Commission, such as day services
ZonesThe areas covered by the Living Well at Home (LWAH) contract