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Traffic Sensitive Streets – Completed Consultation Results

Devon County Council has a legal duty to coordinate works activities on the road network. As part of this duty we can designate certain streets as ‘Traffic-sensitive’. When a street is designated ‘Traffic-sensitive’, we can better regulate the flow of traffic by managing timing of road works, e.g. no works on Topsham Road, Exeter, during peak commuting times.

Our last full review was undertaken in 1994 and needs to be updated to ensure designations are fit for purpose and effective. The project works in line with our strategic objective in the Better Together vision, getting from A to B.

Our aim is to:

– To ensure all possible effects of road works are raised at an early stage in the planning process, considered, managed, and communicated effectively.
– Coordinate works and reduce impact on road users.
– Ensure safe and easy passage for road users on Devon’s network.
– Meet statutory duties imposed under the network management duty.
– Help manage the balance of works in line with other events on the public highway e.g. local and special events.
– Ensure the effects of works on the local economy are minimised.
– Improve open communication and better planning between those wanting the work done, and Devon County Council.

N.B. This project is not aimed at prohibiting or limiting options for necessary works to be undertaken. It will provoke the necessary discussions to assess the best time to carry out works.

We have finalised the following categories for this review.

On main commuter routes.

  • All Year, Monday to Sunday from 07:00 – 18:30
  • All Year Monday to Sunday at peak hours – 07:00 to 09:30 and 15:30 to 18:30

On tourist routes.

  • Easter and Summer – Monday to Sunday from 07:00 – 18:30

Some of the tourist routes warrant further protection in the off season periods.

  • Non Seasonal peak (Outside of the Easter and Summer period) – Monday to Sunday – 07:00 to 09:30 and 15:30 to 18:30

Large events.

  • This is dependant on the event in question. Examples are:- the Devon County Show, Great West Run and Sidmouth Folk Festival.

Consultation and decisions

The consultation closed for this review on the 6th April 2018. We received a number of responses which we list below along with our responses and any relevant amendments.

Please click here to see the concerns raised and the official responses. As a result, we will be making amendments to reflect these new designations in the coming months and plan to have all the information updated by the end of October 0218.

Traffic sensitive network maps

These have been created by area to show the decided traffic sensitive routes. Please click on each link to see the map relating to that area. For urban areas there are more detailed maps.

Eastern overall Map

Exeter and Exmouth Map

Northern overall Map

South Hams overall Map

Teignbridge overall Map 

Western overall Map


Local considerations network maps

On the back of this review we have also deemed some of the network as a Local Consideration. These roads cover things like

  • There is a School on the Street
  • There is a Hospital on the Street
  • The street is part of a strategic diversion route

Whilst there are no specific traffic sensitive directions we can give to any works taking place on any of these streets we can advice that special consideration is given when planning works on these street.

Local Considerations Eastern

Local Considerations Exeter and Exmouth

Local Considerations Northern

Local Considerations South Hams

Local Considerations Teignbridge

Local Considerations Western