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Review of the Reuse Credit Scheme (RCS)

We would like to take the opportunity to thank respondents for their time and consideration of this matter. In October 2019, the Proposal to ‘Discontinue the RCS through a phased reduction in allocation’ was agreed by the Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee (DASWC). Further details can be found via the consultation results link below:

The Reuse Credit Scheme (RCS) is a joint funded Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee (DASWC) initiative which pays a discretionary financial ‘credit’ to 14 registered groups for furniture and other items recovered from the domestic waste stream for redistribution.

This review recognises the positive contribution that individual groups have made since the launch of the RCS twenty-two years ago. However, in October 2018, DASWC noted that consideration was being given to the continued allocation of RCS joint funding to ensure the committee continued to fulfil its more strategic purpose within a limited budget.

This project review was prompted by a recognition that partner authorities are increasingly supporting a wider range of community-based reuse activities at a time when additional obligations are being placed on authorities through National and partner-wide strategies.

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We would welcome responses to the consultation which can be found below:

The response date has now extended from 5 April 2019 until 12 April 2019.

If you would like to receive the consultation in an alternative format, please email your requirements to or by phone 0345 155 1010.


Consultation results:
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