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Recycling Centres

Proposed minor modifications to the Chargeable Waste scheme, vehicle restriction, and non-acceptable waste policies at Devon County Council Household Waste Recycling Centres


Devon County Council (DCC) currently provides a network of 19 Recycling Centres for Devon residents to dispose of/recycle mainly bulky household and garden waste (i.e household waste that is not normally collected as part of the local refuse/recycling collection services).


DCC has a legal obligation to provide Recycling Centre facilities for Household Waste to its residents free of charge.


Proposal 1

The legal definition of household waste does not include materials from the repair or improvement of houses i.e. Construction and Demolition (DIY) home improvement types of waste. DCC has no obligation to accept such waste or to accept it free of charge.
Currently, charges apply for the deposition (by residents) of a range of Plastic DIY items, including UPVC windows and doors (with or without glass), baths or shower trays, shower screens and PVC downpipes, guttering, facia etc. However, to avoid confusion, It is proposed to extend the charges to include all Construction and Demolition (DIY) plastics including cladding, soffit, skirting board, panels and panelling, roofing sheets, water tanks, sinks etc (the list is not exclusive).


This will result in a clearer policy for all residents leading to less confusion on site, as all, rather than some, Construction and Demolition (DIY) plastics will be charged for.


Proposal 2

A range of large vehicles are already excluded including box and Luton vans, tractors, vehicles over 3.5t and large vans towing trailers. It is proposed to extend this exclusion to include pick up trucks towing trailers and long wheelbase vans (in excess of 6metres in total length). This will result in less congestion on sites, improve health and safety and reduce the opportunity for traders to try to illegally access the sites.


Proposal 3

It is also proposed not to accept heating type oil tanks of all sizes from the sites due to the fact that they are not household waste and therefore DCC does not have a legal requirement to accept them. This will reduce the risk of environmental issues from oil residues and sludges within the tanks and remove the health and safety issues involved in handling such items on site.


We would be pleased to hear your views on these Proposals.

A report will be taken to Cabinet with a recommendation on 8th March 2017.

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