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New pedestrian and cycle crossing in Barnstaple

Devon County Council is asking people for their views on proposals for a new staggered signalised pedestrian and cycle crossing on the A3125 Bickington Road approach to the Cedars roundabout in Barnstaple.

The purpose of the scheme is to allow delay to be introduced to the traffic entering the Cedars Roundabout from the south, from Roundswell direction, to allow drivers from the Bickington/Fremington direction to gain entry onto the roundabout.

During peak times in the morning, the traffic lights at the crossing will turn red on the approach to the roundabout, even if no pedestrians are crossing, in order to allow traffic from Bickington and Fremington to enter the roundabout more easily.

You can view an illustration of the work plan, as described here.

There would be the loss of a small number of trees as marked on the plan to allow the scheme to be built.

A successful trial of such a crossing was carried out in February 2019, and traffic modelling has been undertaken to predict the impacts of introducing this measure.

The plans for the crossing are in the context of some 1300 houses being built or planned in Bickington/Fremington/Yelland, and the scheme will be fully funded by housing developer contributions.

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Comments on the proposals can be sent by email to The consultation will be open until Tuesday 1 February 2022.