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Care homes fee rates uplift 2021/22

Devon County Council has written to all care homes consulting them on the proposed annual fee uplift for 2021/22, asking for feedback by 23 February 2021.

The uplift takes account of inflation and increases to the National Living Wage and will be applied from 5 April 2021.

The calculations underpinning this year’s fee increase and a draft impact assessment have been sent to care homes, but this year’s proposed uplift can be summarised as follows:

The residential accommodation fee element is increased by 1.19% from £325 to £329 and the nursing accommodation element by 1.13% from £344 to £347 per week.

The proposed increase for the care hour inflation element is 2.35%, increasing the hourly rate from £11.92 to £12.20.

This proposal relates to social care only. Once the Department of Health announces the Funded Nursing Care (FNC) fee level for 2021/22, this will be reflected in nursing banded rates.

Non-banded fees are, by definition, negotiated individually to reflect the specific needs of each placement and the Council intends to apply inflation of 1.48% to non-banded fees.

The proposed increases do not apply to any individually negotiated Market Premiums or Third Party ‘top up’ payments.

To request detailed information on this year’s care homes fees uplift please email