Public Rights of Way

All charges are subject to standard VAT unless noted below

Code Explanation of service Charge 2022/23
1.1 Supply of maps larger than A3 £25 plus Ordnance Survey copyright fee
1.2 Photocopying:
(a) A4 black and white 10p (incl VAT)
(b) A3 black and white 20p (incl VAT)
(c) A4 colour 50p (incl VAT)
(d) A3 colour 75p (incl VAT)
1.3 Status/claim enquiries Staff time at £46/hr + disbursements + VAT with minimum charge of £25 + VAT per enquiry
1.4 Public Path Orders (HA s26,118,119,1182a,1192a) Town and Country Planning Act (s257 and s261)
(a) Right to Apply – application fee £500
(b) Administration costs up to committee stage £500
(c) Order making costs £700
(d) Advertising Actual cost (approx £800)
1.5 Temporary closures:
(a) Special events up to 3 days (RTRA s16A) £400
(b) Agricultural works up to 3 months (HA s135) £400
(c) 5 day or 21-day notice (RTRA s14) £300
(d) 6 months order (RTRA s14) £1000
(e) Applications to secretary of state for extensions £500
1.6 Magistrates court applications (HA s117)
(a) Undertaking formal consultations £500
(b) Making application to magistrates ‘ court £1000
(c) Advertising Actual cost (approx £400)
1.7 Highways and landowner statements
(a) Section 31 (6)deposits £380
(b) Combined commons act (under section 31 (6) ) £420
(c) Additional parcel of land £25
1.8 Section 118a Rail Crossings and Section 119a Diversion/Ext order
(a) Undertaking informal consultations £600
(b) Drafting report and seeking committee approval £500
(c) Drafting and publishing order – if required £800
(d) Advertising order £600 approx
1.9 Commemorative waymark disc £10