Library Service

Library Service charges (Statutory – Not Delegated)

Fees and charges are reviewed annually. The aim is to set charges which will meet the income targets set for the library service, whilst also delivering an affordable range of services to the public. The 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act prevents local authorities from charging for the lending of books. Fees and charges outlined below are permissible under the Act.

These charges are not subject to VAT.

Fee codeExplanation of serviceCurrent charge 2020/21
1.1Overdue books and language courses (per day)
(a)Adult (£5.25 maximum)30p
(b)Over 65/Disabled (£3.15 maximum)20p
(c)Young (5-17) (63p maximum)5p
(d)Young (under 5 on an under 5s' ticket)No charge
1.2Audiobooks (Hire charge for 3 weeks) *
(a)1 or sets of 2 items£1.65
(b)Sets of 3 or more items£2.75
(c)Children's titlesCo charge
1.3Overdue audiobooks (per day)
(a)Adult (£5.25 maximum)30p
(b)Over 65/Disabled (£3.15 maximum) Y20p
(c)Young (5-17) (63p maximum)5p
1.4Music CDS (1 week) **
(a)1 or sets of 2 items55p
(b)Sets of 3 or more items£1.10
1.5Overdue music CDs (per day)
(a)1 or sets of 2 items (£2.10 maximum)15p
(b)Sets of 3 or more items (£3.15 maximum)20p
1.6DVDs Hire charge (1 week)
(a)General interest£2.75
(b)Special interest£1.10
(c)Sets of 4 or more items£4.40
1.7Overdue DVDs (per day)
(a)General interest (£6.30 maximum)35p
(b)Special interest (£4.20)25p
(c)Sets of 4 or more items (£10.50 maximum)55p
1.8Music sets and playsets (per month)
(a)Music: orchestral (per set)£6.60
(b)Music:choral sets/10 vocal scores or libretti£4.40
Penalty for sets returned late or with parts/copies missing£11.00
Specific and subject:within Devon
(b)Over 65/Disabled/Online85p
Books and printed music obtained from outside Devon (all borrowers)
(c )Sourced from outside Devon - additional fee£5.50
(d)Obtained from British Library - additional fee£12.10
Music sets and playsets
(e)All borrowersNo charge
Large print books
(f)All borrowersNo charge
1.1Replacement tickets
(b)Under 1855p
1.11Replacement tickets
(b)Under 1855p
1.11Lost and damaged items
(a)Borrowers are responsible for all items issued on their tickets, and will be charged for any items lost or damaged. A standard scale of charges is applied, based on the cost of a new replacement item of the same type. For items of special value or material borrowed from other library authorities, a significantly higher charge will normally be made.

Notes to charges

Treated as book loans for disabled (free for 3 weeks and up to)
* 3 nenewals)
** Disabled no charge for 1st 3 weeks

*** No charges for DVD or CD reservations when placed in person in libraries which do not stock the requested format. Hire charges still apply. 75p applies to all reservations placed online by borrowers, reservations placed by people who are over 65 and mobile library users. Reservations are free for those with a disability.