Grand Western Canal and Stover Country Park

CodeExplanation of ServiceCharge 2022/23
1Room Hire - Stover Country Park
1.1Room hire for DCC staff
(a)1 day£120
(b)Half day£60
(c)2 hours£30
1.2Room hire for non DCC organisations
(a)1 Day£150
(b)Half day£75
(c)2 hours£40
2Charges of guided walks
2.1Stover Country Park


CodeExplanation of ServiceAvailable permitsCharge 2022/23
3Boating Permits - Grand Western Canal
3.1Portable unpowered
(a)1 day£5
(b)1 week£12
(c)1 year£50
3.2Portable Powered under 12ft
(a)1 day£10
(b)3 days£20
(c)1 week£30
(d)6 months£80
(e)1 year£100
3.3Portable Powered 12ft and over
(a)1 day£15
(b)3 days£25
(c)1 week£35
(d)6 months£100
(e)1 year£130
3.4Moored boats under 30ft
(a)0-3 months£100
(b)3-6 months£160
(c)6-12 months£250
3.5Moored boats 30ft to 45ft
(a)0-3 months£120
(b)3-6 months£220
(c)6-12 months£320
3.6Moored boats over 45ft
(a)0-3 months£140
(b)3-6 months£250
(c)6-12 months£350