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Our Fairtrade priorities

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Did you know that Devon is a Fairtrade County? Devon was first awarded Fairtrade County status in October 2008 and has been successful in renewing its status ever since.

Devon County Council works with Fairtrade Devon and Devon Development Education to promote the benefits of Fairtrade and encourage individuals, communities, organisations and companies to take action in support of Fairtrade. The County Council has a role in promoting fair and ethical trading and Fairtrade is a natural extension of that support.

Fair Trade Fortnight 27 February to 12 March 2017, it's time to put fairtrade in your break, image of mugs full of various fair trade food and drink in shape of a clock face with spoons in the middle symbolising the hands of the clock

In our work we:

  • look for innovative opportunities to promote the principles and values of Fairtrade
  • deepen people’s understanding of what Fairtrade does and why it is so important
  • support a countywide movement of Fairtrade towns and volunteers
  • use Fairtrade products.

Local contact email: fairtrade@devon.gov.uk

What we do

To support our Fairtrade priorities we:

  • provide Fairtrade drinks at Council meetings and sell Fairtrade products in our cafes and shops
  • include Fairtrade in some procurement contracts
  • help to bring Fairtrade producers to Devon to tell their story
  • celebrate the annual Fairtrade Fortnight with our staff and councillors through a wide range of creative events.

What you can do

A small step taken here in the UK can make a big difference to the lives of farmers and workers around the world. Start your Fairtrade journey:

  • swap a regular product for a Fairtrade one
  • ask your local shop to increase their Fairtrade range
  • talk to others about the benefits of Fairtrade.

To find out more visit www.fairtrade.org.uk